Providing Lake Management Services in St. Louis

Providing Lake Management Services in St. Louis

Gateway Lake Management LLC provides lake maintenance and lake treatment services to help reduce vegetation and improve the appearance and enjoyment of lakes and ponds. Serving customers in the St. Louis metro and surrounding areas.

Lake Management Services

Lake Treatment for Nuisance Vegetation Lake management services can help reduce nuisance vegetation growing in your lake or pond. Lake treatments typically target common lake and pond vegetation, such as: Filamentous algae Fine leaf pondweed...
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Lake Management Process

Managing vegetation in your lake or pond is not as simple as managing turf. Every pond has a unique ecosystem that is continually changing with every rainfall, heat spell, or inflow of sediment that changes...
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Gateway Lake Management LLC is managed and operated by Joe Day, a lake and fisheries biologist with 15 years of industry experience. The company provides one-on-one lake and pond services to help homeowners, property managers and...
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waves at shoreline with rocks and weeds

Who I Work With

Gateway Lake Management LLC provides lake management services for ponds, retention basins, and lakes. Types of customers who may need lake treatment services include:

  • Businesses
  • Duck clubs
  • Farm and agriculture
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Golf courses
  • Property managers
  • Residential pond owners
  • Recreational properties
  • Subdivisions

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Spirogyra Algae

Early Season Algae Algae can grow at different times on any lake or pond depending on a variety of conditions. Nutrient levels, water depth, clarity,... Read More "Spirogyra Algae"

How to Stock a Pond

Spring is a great time to for lake and pond owners to consider fish stocking in Missouri. Farm stores in Franklin County, Jefferson County, Warren... Read More "How to Stock a Pond"

What is Duckweed?

Duckweed is a tiny free floating plant that is commonly found in ponds and lakes in the St. Louis area and around the country Read More "What is Duckweed?"

What is Coontail?

A common aquatic plant found in small ponds, large lakes and rivers, coontail grows rapidly and has the ability to take over in water. Read More "What is Coontail?"

What Exactly is Lake Management?

If you live near a lake or pond or have visited one recently, you may have noticed algae or vegetation growing in the water, especially... Read More "What Exactly is Lake Management?"